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Teamgeist amplifies the feeling of togetherness


Teamgeist is specialist in virtual and hybrid team events

Remote or virtual events are the equivalent to analogue team events in which the participants face each other physically.

Our partner teamgeist offers innovative online teambuildings and virtual team events that, combined with digital and analogue elements, strengthen the sense of solidarity and enable a valuable exchange of team members. Of course, all participants can be intensively involved in advance – for an even greater sense of community.

Remote Impulse Reaction

The chain reaction with digital interfaces

Before the event, your employees will learn which household items in their home offices they should use to contribute to the common chain reaction. Through video conferencing and technical assistance, we support them during the event in merging their individual reactions into a virtual impulse chain. The coordination of the interfaces between the individual reactions in chat rooms that we set up is pure teamwork. The grand finale represents the overall reaction, which we cut together at lightning speed and present in the video conference.

Remote Speed Dating

The fast and fun way to get to know each other

How about an exciting and varied speed dating – without any physical presence? We set up different chat rooms, in which changing participants exchange ideas about different topics. Everyone has a minute in each chat room to talk about a given question (for example: What is your greatest passion, what are you crazy about? How did you earn your first own money?). After the speaking time, the participants switch to a different chat room with a different question and other guests. Company-specific questions can also be addressed very well.

Global Remote Tablet Tour

A virtual traincentive at several locations at the same time
Teamgeist’s Global Remote tabtour® is an online teambuilding experience on several levels, which was developed especially for employees in their home office. The participants are connected via an intuitive app and communicate in addition to this via an online platform of their choice. The Global Remote tabtour® combines sophisticated activities and tasks in and around participants’ home offices around the world with sophisticated experience concepts. Of course, your own workshop topics can be perfectly integrated into the different stories. In addition to the exciting and entertaining challenges, company content is emotionalized and permanently anchored in the minds of the employees. A new level of virtual collaboration!

Remote Fun Team Challenge

Experience and train online cooperation
The virtual Remote Fun Team Challenge takes place as part of a video meeting moderated by teamgeist. Thus the participants need a laptop and a smartphone. The Fun Team Challenge itself takes place within an app, which the participants can easily download onto their smartphone. They enter the game with a QR code. A moderator leads the event in an entertaining way, while exciting tasks are solved in smaller teams and points are earned. Knowledge questions, creative problem solving, audio and photo tasks and much more await the teams. The exchange within the small teams is important because the solutions can only be achieved with teamwork! Many photos and videos are created during the event and will be shared with all participants at the award ceremony.

Escape Remote Game

The mobile remote training

Escape room team building is a new trend. These are role-playing games that take place in an escape room in which the players are “locked in” and are supposed to solve the puzzle within a certain time, “the Secret of the 13”. This is the only way to get them “free” again and to leave the room.

The mobile remote escape room now brings the popular team event to employees in the office or home office. From the beginning, the respective stations require the puzzle skills of every individual in the team. Only when the mysterious boxes are solved will the secret of 13 gradually be revealed. The question is: will your team be the savior of the world by cracking the puzzles and showing the members their skills in our team challenges? Of course, the game master is on site all the time, because he once again ensures an unexpected turn in the story.

Online Team Quiz

Creativity, team building and loads of fun

How about an interactive quiz for employees in the home office? While the moderator presents the questions in an entertaining manner in the live stream, the colleagues are busy puzzling on their cell phones. Live score, chat, picture gallery – teamgeist’s online quiz is an interactive show. Unique topics, values or content should be anchored in your team in a motivating and sustainable way? The teamgeist quiz app offers the perfect combination of digital learning and an entertaining team event. Individually adaptable, usable on every occasion, success guaranteed and measurable.

With small puzzles and active team tasks, everyone can contribute to their hearts’ content and ensure the highest possible score. In the grand finale, the final sprint of the teams will be really exciting. The best compete against each other in a direct duel!

Remote Film Shooting Festival

A touch of Hollywood in the home office
Your employees meet in a large virtual conference room and then join a team room with three to four other colleagues. Task there: A short film should be created according to the given motto. The particular challenge here is the composition of the various screens on one screen – this is how your team members come together online! Directing instructions and food for thought from the moderators ensure a fun dynamic! In the grand finale in the common room, the finished films are then presented and evaluated in the online voting.

Remote Tablet Tour

The virtual scavenger hunt for collaboration and team spirit

Despite the spatial separation, the remote teams play together for the common team success. The team members communicate with each other via a video conference tool and the remote tabtour® app. Different challenges for the participants can be experienced together in the team. After being greeted and instructed by the moderator in the group room, the participants are divided into smaller group rooms. There they have to solve numerous puzzles, team, quiz, photo and video tasks together. The team moves virtually through a city or across the entire continent. The virtual environment of the video conference is deliberately integrated into the task. This creates a noticeable cooperation and a connection between the team members despite the distance! The tasks can be individually adapted to corporate topics as required. In this way, short, entertaining activities can be carried out or task designs can be included, with which deeper learning results can be achieved.

Active remote meeting breaks

The energetic and healthy break with verve

Get your online meeting moving! Active conference breaks give fresh impetus to your home office. Short active movement units of five to 60 minutes invigorate the body and mind. Specially trained trainers carry out varied exercises for mobilization, strengthening, stretching and relaxation. The focus of the active conference breaks is on the shoulder, neck and back area without the participants sweating – which makes changing clothes unnecessary. Design your own individual active conference break together with our experts and choose activities from a wide range of topics: mini-yoga, motion walking, running workshop, sensory course, string ball, breathing – breathing properly – living better, stretch & relax, making smoothies, enjoying coffee and tea properly, dance fit, spinal gymnastics … and many other modules.

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